Why Should You Invest Smartly for Puncak Alam Property?

Are you ready to buy a house? When people are talking about an investment of house property, the most general topic that will be discussed is the location of the house. The location of a property is relatively important when you are looking for a house. A good investment never takes any uncertain risk. There are many reasons you should invest in puncak alam property, especially when you are just step in your first work, or you are preparing to retire.

A lot of the younger generation will look for the shah alam new property. Why? Because it is cheaper and reasonable. When you just get your first job, and you want to get yourself a house, that is very challenging. There is a lot of factors you should consider before you get your first house.

malaysia first home buyer

Shah Alam is a place that located beside the Klang area so that a lot of Klang people often pay a visit to Shah Alam, and some of them even have their own house in Shah Alam. The popularity of the I-city has attracted a lot of local get to know about the Shah Alam. The LBS alam perdana townhouse is one of the popular residency in this town.

Besides that, a lot of Klang people also prefer to put their investment in the house of Taman Alam Perdana, because the distance from there to I-city is not far. The high accessibility has added more value to the Rentak Perdana @ Bandar Hillpark, and the Bandar hill park Puncak Alam has also included in the list as well.

Factors you should know when buying a house


When you are planning to buy a house in Rawang, remember this, the development of the area also very crucial. Sometimes, it is not only the matter of amenities but the future value of the housing also very important. As this reason, many locals that have more financial ability will usually try to pick the house in Damansara area. Damansara is an area that filled with rich people, and the neighbourhood facilities around the area are well- developed.

first time home buyer malaysia

So, if you are looking for gaining the profit in your investment, the property in Damansara area could be one of the ideal choices for you. Before you get an idea, you can try to look for the available unit of Damansara new property for sale through the internet.
You should see how the future plan for the area you eyes on, whether any news on the internet point on any public infrastructure will be built in the coming future. When you shop for a property, try to find out whether any residential developments are planned. Because people said, a good investment is something that you will pay you more than you paid!

first home buyer malaysia


When you are looking for a property, there is one thing you should know is the accessibility. The convenience of the house area you picked is essential because it might affect your daily life. Just imagine that you will need to travel a very long to distance to Kuala Lumpur from the Rawang new property you just bought, what a nightmare. Instead of staying in Rawang area, you can try to look for the available unit of Sungai Buloh landed property for sale, by staying in that area will be easier for you to get to work.

4 Reason Why Everyone Is Eyeing on Kajang 2 New House Project for Sale

Investing in Bangi landed property can be both short-term and long-term. Long-term investment in the property market indicates that investors are focusing on increasing a steady increase in the property value gradually.

There are two ways used by most property investor for Bangi condominium, which is capital return and rental return. So, what are those terms? If you are planning to become a pro in property investment, you should know that there are many technical terms for you to understand.

bangi property

Capital return refers to investor selling off the property once the sales price increase percentage above the original price. On the other hand, rental return refers to investor renting out the entire property and getting steady income throughout ownership.

Learn Different Terms and Knowledge Before Entering The Market

These two are very distinct methods of long-term investment route for KL south new condo. It is suggested that investors can increase capital gain via short-term investment at first and switch to a long-term strategy with steady rental returns.

When choosing for a property such as Kajang 2 new condo for sale, an investor can optimize return on investment in different ways. For instance, selecting a cheaper property, as it can give u a higher performance once the value has increased.

bangi condominium

Risk Appetite Decides Your Capital Gain

Next, buying Bangi service apartment for sale in the desirable area allows you to understand better in terms of the geographical area. Not purchasing a fixer-upper is critical as well for the reason that you don’t want to be locked down so much. Most importantly, even though you are fully invested your effort into property investing.

bangi house

You should always prepare another way of generating steady income in case of an emergency. Given a chance if something goes wrong like property value drop or unable to source tenant for an extended period.

A steady contingency income will help you to release the financial burden. Budget spent on optimizing the house renovation should always keep to the minimal. Online shopping giants such as Taobao allows Bangi house renovation to become more comfortable.

You Can Have Someone to Do It For You

If you are a cautious type of person, you could also opt for real estate investment trust (REITs). Where there will be professionals that will manage the property investment for you. With this method, you can save a lot of time and energy spending to manage the whole process by yourself.

Residential properties are not only the right investment choice. Other types of features, such as commercial and retail, are worth looking into, for the reason that it is a little less competitive.

Experience Equals to Money

Property investment in Kajang requires you to go with your gut feeling initially when making decisions. Nonetheless, the experience will be built over time when you are in the property investment business yourself.

As a new investor, you have to make sure you are in an excellent position to invest in the first place. This can be explained with having sound finances in the first place, with a good risk management strategy. Don’t try to start property investment when you can’t even manage your personal finance well.

Don’t Be Too Reliant, Become Independent

Next, you should spend an adequate amount of time to study the basics of property investment. Don’t be too reliant on others opinion for property investment, you should acquire sufficient knowledge to evaluate whether a decision is worth making off.

Figure out how to spot a good deal based on the location, market value, property quality and the housing market is critical as well. There are so much in property investment that requires you to study and study.

A Complete Guideline About The Lasik Eye Surgery In Malaysia

Lasik eye surgery usually is a good choice for people who want to enhance their vision. Many millions of people who are benefit from this surgery. If you have the problem of farsighted or nearsighted, then you can look for help from an ophthalmologist Malaysia.

When you are thinking about having the Lasik eye surgery in Malaysia, then obviously the first thing you have to think is the safety of this procedure. To determine whether the risk is high, you will need to ask an eye specialist in Kuala Lumpur for Lasik eye surgery, ask for what is best for your situation.

Not every individual are good candidates for Lasik eye surgery, because some of the people have successfully improved their eyesight, Lasik eye surgery does not guarantee you the same result. If you have any confusion about the Lasik eye surgery in Malaysia, then here is the guideline you may refer.

best eye specialist in malaysia

Ask for professional advice

When you are deciding to acquire the Lasik eye surgery, the first thing you have to do is seek medical expert advice (mencari nasihat ahli medis) from an eye specialist. There are some qualifications that you need to embrace before you receive the treatment.

Basically, if your eyes are considered unhealthy, then you may not be qualified for this surgery, or if you are pregnant, then the doctor also might not allow you to receive this treatment.

However, some factors also might cause you not suitable to be a candidate for this surgery. 18 to 21 years old usually is the general requirement for accepting the Lasik eye surgery at Malaysia Eye Center.  To identify whether you can be the candidate for this treatment, the ideal way is to ask the opinions from the best eye specialist in Kuala Lumpur.

ophthalmologist kuala lumpur

Identify the price of surgery

The first factor that usually will affect the cost of receiving Lasik eye surgery is the location. Lasik surgery can vary from a city to a city, which the most expensive cost of obtaining Lasik surgery mostly is from the major city, such as Kuala Lumpur. You will find that the Lasik surgery price is higher in Kuala Lumpur than the price in Petaling Jaya.

When you are comparing the price between each area, there are few questions you have to research. “ What the typical Lasik eye surgery cost? ”, “ Will there be any additional cost ”, or “ Is discount Lasik eye surgery available? “. All of these questions are a matter for you to pick which is the best one for yourself.

eye specialist in kl

You have to check the average price of accepting the Lasik eye surgery clinic before you pay. When all is done, you also should check whether there will be any additional cost involved. Additional cost will depend on the price of how the price of Lasik eye surgery is quoted.

Do not forget to check the possibility of a discount given. Some clinics and eye doctors will give you a discount for paying in cash, and some of the clinics even will print their coupons in the local newspaper and yellow pages.

A possible complication of surgery

No doubt, Lasik eye surgery is one of the best options for the improvement of your eye vision (peningkatan penglihatan mata anda), but there are some risks also. You might have the issue of blur nighttime view after you accept the Lasik eye surgery. After Lasik eye surgery, some patients may not be able to see as clearly as they can see at night.

You also might face the issue of dry eye. You will feel a little bit of uncomfortable and your eye will feel dry after you receiving the Lasik eye surgery. This situation can be helped by applying some eye drops and antibiotics.

Types of Corporate Gift Ideas in Malaysia

Corporate gifts are one of the best ways of promoting your business.  It is better to allow the recipient to come up with the most suitable corporate gift ideas and not the giver. The gifts that you give to your suppliers, customers, and partners tend to resemble each other.

Most people give their staff vouchers as gifts. You can also get ceramics, stationery, electronics, and computer devices at an affordable price. You should also consider premium corporate gifts preferences between men and women. Most women will prefer candy, food, video/audio equipment, plants/flowers, travel or money. On the other hand, men prefer audio/video equipment and tools, travel, and computer accessories and software. The least item for men is fragrance and for women are tools.

customized gifts

The thoughts behind the gift count more than the gift itself. You don’t have to always go for expensive personalized corporate gifts. Even a cheap gift can stir the recipient as long as it is meaningful. You need to choose it carefully so that it can display your sensitive side. Too personal presents like jewellery, lingerie, and perfume are not good for corporate gifts but ideal for simply imply intimacy. The best corporate gifts should be impersonal. Here are some of the best examples of custom-made corporate gifts in Malaysia.

  • Corporate Books

These are among the most common items that companies in Malaysia give to their employees as gifts. Everyone needs a book for writing something at a certain point. Employees live these items even though they are not expensive. You can use books to write notes in religious gatherings, at home, school, office, and so on. You can get these items from a reputable corporate gifts supplier in Malaysia.

personalised gifts malaysia

  • Corporate Pens

Employees appreciate nice looking pens as gifts hence making them ideal items for corporate gifts. The nice bit is that anyone can use a pen at any time. These items are widely utilized in the corporate world making them great gifts for your employees. You can order the items from a premium gift supplier KL.

  • Corporate Umbrellas

So many companies in Malaysia give their employees umbrellas as gifts. People use them to shield against hot sunny weather and rain. Therefore, when you use them as customized branded gifts, they will serve the purpose quite well. The best umbrellas are easy to carry about and foldable. Umbrellas are among the best corporate giftings that you can get in the market.

custom company gifts

  • Corporate Sticky Pads

These are cheap but ideal corporate gifts for employees. It helps in keeping important information and dates so that you will not forget them.  It will help your employees not to forget important assignments or dates. You write the important appointments or dates on these items and then stick on the close wall or desk so that you can see it always.

  • Corporate Lanyards

Employees use corporate lanyards to hold their flash drives or ID cards. You can get them from a personalized gift company that has experience in making these items.


Even though it is not necessary to give your employees gifts, it is an important thing to do. It helps your company to take maximum advantage of its skills and knowledge to be able to grow. Corporate gifting will help you maximize the potential that is embedded in your employees.

Online Review Management Singapore

Maintaining the best online footprint while at the same time engaging digitally with clients is of paramount importance to modern-day business owners. A recent report released by Forbes indicated that 97 percent of people said that online brand reputation in Singapore is essential to their businesses.

online review monitoring

Most business owners are so much concerned about their online presence and the way they use social platforms in attracting an audience. For those who are in business and looking for ways through which they can use to take control of their online presence, then these are some of the steps that they can use to make this possible. 

Carry Out an Audit with Online Reputation Management Agency in Singapore

One of the things they need to be very concerned about as a business person is the kind of findings potential clients make when they google the company. Business owners might not be able to know this unless they carry out a proper online review monitoring

In ideal circumstances, the people visiting the website are supposed to see a clean website with the best and positive reviews from other people visiting the same website. If they cannot see this, then it is an excellent chance to have these potential clients that are likely to go elsewhere. 

Delete App Store review

ORM is one of the problems that online review management seeks to address in Singapore. Other than just negative articles, they also have other things that should be of concern to them that go a long way in making sure that they have the best reputation online. 

A perfect number of clients are likely to go away if they find a negative article on the business. The number is expected to go up even further if the business has many other articles which have many negative things about your company as well. Other than this, clients could also have other things which are equally of great concern.

For instance, if the business has inconsistencies in their information or even in some cases, confusing calls to action, then these things might send to an immature digital graveyard. It is because of this that they need to carry out a proper digital audit on their online presence carrying out an account recovery process just in case then one has is lost. 

Such an audit process should dig through images as well as search results and social media postings. The audit process will then identify any red flags and try to fix them. 

In Singapore, Businesses Can Regularly Perform Online Review Monitoring for Maintaining their Reputation

There are so many review platforms out there which all vary in some ways. Employee-facing reviews might, in some ways affect their recruitment efforts. Despite the many platforms that they might be on, there are so many benefits that come with having a positive review profile. 

online review management

As they say, it needs to be understood that self-motivated reviewers are more likely to show less satisfaction in their services and leave behind a poor review. This is why businesses need to monitor and focus on ways that they can use to delete App Store reviews if they feel it is negative in any way. However, even with all these, they are still not defenseless. By posting a positive response to a damaging attack is very much encouraging. Being proactive in the reaction can turn a negative review into some positive experience.

Publish Valuable Content 

If the business lacks a strong digital content strategy, then they risk losing buyer awareness as well as sales opportunities. If their clients cannot find answers to their concerns on the website, then they are more likely to go elsewhere. 

remove negative reviews

Content production takes a different path for different businesses. The business type might find more value in the output of fact-based white papers webinars while others might do well with casual studies as well as blog posts. App Store review removal can help to get rid of those negative reviews that are more likely to arise from such presentation fronts.

Contact Boost Reviews to Remove Negative Reviews 

There is no better way of maintaining a reputable online reputation than with the use of managing the reviews. Boost reviews can help the business stay on track so much gathering all the five stars that they need to stand out from the rest. 

Whether they need to remove negative reviews or use any other means, online review management is essential. The factors listed above highlight the essence of online review management and why businesses must turn to it if they intend to attract as many clients as they can. 

The Benefits of Content Monitoring

As time goes by, many have changed, many have evolved, and one significant change in today’s world is how advanced technology is. The flow of information is different now compared before. It’s tough for everybody to know the updated and latest news. Suppose people before the internet don’t read a newspaper or have a television at home they will not understand what is happening around. Businesses don’t have any problems with any negative reviews from their customers. But in today’s world and because of the internet, everybody is invited, and everybody has the right to express their opinions, experiences, recommendations, worries, and expectations. People now can be updated on all the news happening around, and they can leave negative comments on any businesses which they believe do not satisfy their experiences.


So does content monitoring a big help to make sure to maintain the right image online? Most people are into social media most of the time of the day. They express whatever they feel towards anything.

So it is always good to always monitor. It is essential to be ever conscious of what is happening around. The volume of content produced in social media is so much to which can have a significant impact on the business if this is something negative. Online review monitoring is essential. There are a lot of tools that can be used now to monitor reviews online. A review tracking software is such a big help to make it easy on monitoring reviews. 


Why is it Important to Monitor Business Reviews Online?

 Important to Monitor Business Online

To ensure long term brand success, monitoring business online in all aspects is one factor to be on top of the industry, and stay longer. Monitor reviews are one significant factor. Keeping track of what is happening around and on the business online is the secret to gain more customers and to be successful in the online business world. Keeping an eye to every bit of information, comments, and reviews can get you ahead of your competitors. 


Ways for Monitoring that can help the business:

  • Manage brand reputation
  • Monitor competitors 
  • Know about crisis management
  • Always think of a new effective campaign
  • Still track success and failures
  • Find new business opportunities
  •  Follow recent trends and know the needs of the customers


How Does Review Management Services Work?

 Review Management Services Work

This service helps build and maintain a positive online image. In review management, a variety of tactics used to replace any negative review, comments, or defamatory with good web content to show information that the business is the best. Review management can address any content that could harm. Customer feedback is helpful to try to solve the problem before it can damage any individual brand’s reputation.


Review management is also helpful for the app store to remove a review. App store review is also one of the aspects that need to monitor most of the time. These needs focus most of the time cause most people can see this and this can give a significant impact on the business. All customers have different views and perspectives when it comes to the service and product they got. Some of them will not leave a good impression and post a negative comment, so this needs attention.


Many are asking if they can delete Google play review? The answer is not possible. That is why it is always good to always monitor and be responsive. The customer who leaves the study is also the one who can edit and delete their bad or negative review. So be responsive and monitor always.


What is DMCA?


DMCA or Digital Millennium Copyright Act is 1998 United States Copyright Law. It implements two 1196 treaties of the World Intellectual Property Organization. DMCA criminalizes the production and dissemination of technology, devices, or services intended to circumvent measures that control access to copyrighted works. In other words, this helps to prevent pirates from duplicating digital copyrighted works. It also protects copyrighted comments from selling or freely distributing them.


Let us go through some information about DMCA takedown. DMCA notice and takedown process is the tool used by copyright holders. This law gives them the right to get user-uploaded material that consists of infringement of intellectual property rights to be taken down off their websites. The process demands the copyright owner to send a takedown notice to the service provider. The request contains a request to the provider to remove material that is infringing copyrights. A service provider can be an internet service provider, website operator, search engine, a web host, or other more which are specified by copyright law. Be educated and know these rights and be aware of the responsibilities.


Using Daily Contact Lens Malaysia is Safe but there are Pros and Cons

The usage of contact lenses depends on the characteristics and status of the eyes. Always seek and visit the optician. Only professionals who have expertise can discuss what is best in the patient’s case. Each individual has different cases and status of the eyes so it is proper to visit an expert to know what is the proper usage and capacity of the eyes.

Daily contact lens is safe, but as a general point, it is recommended that you wear contact lenses for a maximum of 10-12 hours per day. Wearing coloured lenses from Aveovision Malaysia for longer may cause the eyes to become uncomfortable, red, and prone to infection. Some users may experience discomfort when wearing the lenses and it is advised to take out the contact lens as soon as possible.

Don’t use contact lens online when unsure and haven’t consulted an optician. Experts are always saying that when there is discomfort it is best to give the contact lens a thorough clean and as much as possible replace them. Do not disregard this discomfort and wait for some serious scenarios. As soon as possible take the contact lenses for astigmatism out, stop using them, and visit an optician. While it is not that serious and nothing to worry about it is best to the eyes examined just in case.

daily lenses

How Long Can a User Wear Contact Lens

Experts and users are saying that wearing of soft eye lenses can safely and comfortably wear for 14 to 16 hours per day. Some are saying that the maximum is just 10-12 hours per day. It is always best to go to sleep without a contact lens. The right thing to do always is to remove the contact lens as soon as possible before going to bed at night. Give the eyes the chance to breathe without lenses.

Uses of contact lens Malaysia are oriented well by their optician. They know that when they start to get uncomfortable they need to take them out even it is not yet bedded time. For those people who are suffering from the chronic eye can only wear contacts for a few hours a day.

toric lenses

Is it safe to use Contact Lens Continuously?

Many are wondering if what does “extended wear” means. Extended wear means sleeping in contact lens and this can increase the risk of serious eye infections. Number one rule in using contact lenses is avoiding using it while sleeping. Although there are some toric lens Malaysia that are approved by the FDA and designed which can transmit more oxygen to the eyes even using in sleeping overnight. But it is not worth the risk. Complications are still high ion wearing contact lens while sleeping versus removing it every night.

Expensive eye lenses price does not also give a guarantee that a contact lens can be worn continuously. Cheap or expensive contact lenses has been approving to wear continuously every day for only 30 days. It is not good for the eyes to wear contact lenses longer than 30 days. Some experts are saying that if the user would want to sleep and still wear there contact lens it is still advised to take them off as often as possible or at least once per week. Also, don’t forget only contact lenses that are approved for extended wear are allowed to be used continuously.





Bangi New Property Provides Your Dream Houses

Buying and choosing a property is no joke. It takes a lot of considerations, thinking it over and over again before deciding. People might lose their money and investments by a flick of a finger, so it should be planned well and need to choose the right developer. Some choose to buy properties to invest in real estate and some just want to simply find their ideal home. Bangi Property Developer offers both.


Whatever the intentions are, buyers or investors should choose where they will not regret in the end. This property should be based and preferred by prospective buyers and homeowners. Bangi got it all for all people who are dreaming of having their property.

bangi property


Who Can Afford a Property in Bangi?


Everybody is dreaming of an elegant house. Who would not? Everybody is working hard to achieve their dream house. When searching the internet, it can be found that there a lot of bangi house for sale. But of course, not all can afford it. There are millions of people who live below the poverty line. There are also a lot who are just earning a minimum wage. Also the majority of the middle-class people who have just enough to make both ends meet. A lot of people who belong to this status are living from paycheck to paycheck and dreaming to have their dream house someday and hoping and praying they can buy a home of their own.


Bangi semi d for sale has offered affordable properties in Bangi. A risk worth taking. When people will just be afraid their whole life and will not take the risk of buying the property and working hard more to pay for it their dream house will be just a dream forever. People who would want to have their property should be optimistic. Look at the brighter side of everything, never stop dreaming that one-day dream house can be turned into reality and also never stop working hard.

kajang house for sale


What to secure before buying a property?


Looking for a house or property should be taken seriously. Kajang developers can ensure everything will be for all their clients. When buying a property, buyers should be wise enough to know some things that they will not put themselves and their families in danger. Looking for property and processing should be done personally. When dealing with the real estate agent or developer the buyer should look and ask for the important documents of the real estate property in Kajang. Kajang new house project is ensuring they all have complete documents before dealing with their clients. Seeing the house land and the title is an assurance for buyers.

bangi house for sale


Semenyih house is one example of a property that buyers will never go wrong. The developers are giving true and correct information about the property. Buyers have the right to know the actual price of the house. They can hire their appraiser to assess the property.

It is also necessary for buyers to have a side trip. Seeing the actual condition of the house and location can help the buyers decide whether they will buy it or not. Also checking the amenities is a must. Buyers must have chosen the property because amenities where included in the sale. Also, check the safety and security of the neighbourhood.



Why You Should Get Johor New Condo for Sale as Your Next Property

Johor new property for sale, also known as the new high rise JB property is generally, are becoming the primary type of property people buy nowadays for the reason that the price is more affordable and you can get benefits you are unable to obtain when purchasing the land unit.

Whether you are selecting a new condo unit or a house for sale in Johor, you should always be thoughtful and consider a different kind of aspect before making the decision. Scroll down to read more on how to choose the perfect condo for yourself.

Amenities are a huge draw for many buyers nowadays for high rise building, as the landed unit doesn’t provide these. Although the new condo unit provides ample facilities now, you should also take note of whether property for sale in Iskandar are well maintained or adequately equipped.

service residence kuala lumpur

Sunlight That Can Affect Everything

First and foremost, the sun is the most crucial factor you should be taking in. You need to make sure that most of your condo space is lit with natural sunlight comfortably. The reason why sunlight is essential is for drying clothes and less electricity consumption.

Why? If the new condo unit for sale KL is not fil with sunlight, you may end up switching up to more lights which cause the electricity bill to become higher. Ask your property agent to prevent you from purchasing a new house that has insufficient sunlight. It is crucial to find the location of the sun and how it may affect the sunlight cast through the whole day and where and when it will hit.

best property investment in malaysia

A Majestic View

The view you could get with the balcony is essential as well. An edible landscape will make long-term emotion to be more positive. A house with ideal scenery can bring fortune and good luck to a person, confirmed by the believers of feng shui.

In Kuala Lumpur, everyone would prefer factory for sale in Johor to be facing KLCC so they could get the marvellous view every night or free fireworks show during special occasions. It is okay if you are unable to get a good look.

serviced residence in kl

However, you should avoid and abandon those that have a horrific view, such as facing the abandoned hospital or cemetery. Terraced house for sale are usually charged at a higher price because they have more fabulous view compare to others.

One important thing you ought to take note of is that higher floor provides more wind. At the same time, cooling breeze on a hot sunny day or rain downpour with strong winds can be happening when you choose so.

If you are choosing the right houses for sale, take note whether the existing unit has done enough safety measures. Or if you are concern about the safety, you should opt for invisible grilles, which provide excellent protection and view at the same time.

As for the lower floor, you may face noise pollution for permanent basis, living in the urban environment means you will get car honks and sound of people talking every day. It can even disturb your sleep and peace at night. One alternative was to install a noise-proof window to filter out those noises. Or else, a higher floor would be recommended over to those people who prefer a quieter environment.

Security Over Anything

Security of your house is also one of the essential things to look out for, the safety or environment should be your top priority. Do the condo guards perform patrolling frequently? Is the condo access well secured? Or any robbery cases that happened before?



Why People Wants to Know on How to Delete YouTube Video

YouTube is one of the popular online tools today and many are trying to make their good content to upload on their YouTube channel. For others good content means money. Especially during this Pandemic time, many are struggling because many lost their jobs during this time. So many are into vlogging and video making which they post on YouTube and doing all their best to have many subscribers and views of their video so they can earn.

delete video

Many stars and popular people are in this kind of job too. They make good YouTube content for their followers and fans. While they make their fans happy they also earn from it and some of them use this to help others too. But most of the popular person does not have the time to edit and review their content so they hire someone to help them. Some of them also does not know how to delete YouTube video.

Here Are Some Reasons why many are deciding to Delete Videos

  • Uploaded a video a long time ago.
  • The video is already outdated.
  • Too many video files on the YouTube channel.
  • Someone is asking the owner to delete the YouTube video.
  • Or the owner does not like the video anymore.

Regardless of the reason, it is okay as long as the one who is deleting the video is the owner or has the permission to do it. The action that needs to be done is to delete the video permanently. 

how to delete youtube video

Easy Steps on How to Delete Uploaded Video on YouTube

Before deciding to delete any video on YouTube know these easy steps for those who are using IOS, Android, and desktop or Laptop.

How to Delete Uploaded Video on YouTube using IOS and Android

  • The first step is to log in to a YouTube account. 
  • Next is open the menu using the following button from the top left-hand side corner. This looks like three horizontal lines.
  • Then Go To My Channel. Videos that are uploaded can be seen here.
  • Choose the video that wants to be deleted. If the video was found, click on the icon for the menu which looks like three dots.
  • Lastly, click on the Delete Button. This will delete the video permanently.

How do you delete a YouTube Video on the Computer?

  • The first thing to do is to go to the YouTube website.
  • Sign in to the YouTube account.
  • Videos will show up. From this page mark or check the box of the video that is wanted to be deleted. Multiple videos can be selected and can be deleted all at once.
  • Lastly, go to actions and select delete to complete the process of deleting videos.

 views on channel

Why is it Important to Know How to Delete Video from YouTube Channel

A large number of people can be reached by a YouTube video. When someone is searching for one video, all related videos will appear. Many people can get the latest news from YouTube, listen, and watch the latest music videos, watch new movie trailers, some documentaries, or just watch funny videos to kill the boredom. Above all this, there are these parents who are allowing their children to use their gadgets and watch YouTube videos. 

Some kids nowadays have their mobile phones and know how to create their own YouTube channel. That is why for minors, it is advised that using social media and gadgets should be with the parents’ consent. Parents should also learn and know how to delete videos on TikTok, apart from the YouTube channel. In case they do something that is not proper.

Sharing moments is easy nowadays, so everybody should also be vigilant on the videos that are posted on YouTube. Parents should guide their children and educate them that if they see some violent or nude videos, they should report or tell their parents. If they are also making their video, they should at least know their limitations and ask themselves “how I delete a YouTube video” if something goes wrong to the content. Other than videos, there are times where images are leaked online due to revenge porn and people would want to delete those images desperately.

What if These Methods Still Don’t Seem to Work?

In the events of seeking for an expert to assist in more complicated removals or some people may not have the time to go through the process, not to worry, there is alternative option where you could consider of hiring an online reputation management agency.