Using Daily Contact Lens Malaysia is Safe but there are Pros and Cons

The usage of contact lenses depends on the characteristics and status of the eyes. Always seek and visit the optician. Only professionals who have expertise can discuss what is best in the patient’s case. Each individual has different cases and status of the eyes so it is proper to visit an expert to know what is the proper usage and capacity of the eyes.

Daily contact lens is safe, but as a general point, it is recommended that you wear contact lenses for a maximum of 10-12 hours per day. Wearing coloured lenses from Aveovision Malaysia for longer may cause the eyes to become uncomfortable, red, and prone to infection. Some users may experience discomfort when wearing the lenses and it is advised to take out the contact lens as soon as possible.

Don’t use contact lens online when unsure and haven’t consulted an optician. Experts are always saying that when there is discomfort it is best to give the contact lens a thorough clean and as much as possible replace them. Do not disregard this discomfort and wait for some serious scenarios. As soon as possible take the contact lenses for astigmatism out, stop using them, and visit an optician. While it is not that serious and nothing to worry about it is best to the eyes examined just in case.

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How Long Can a User Wear Contact Lens

Experts and users are saying that wearing of soft eye lenses can safely and comfortably wear for 14 to 16 hours per day. Some are saying that the maximum is just 10-12 hours per day. It is always best to go to sleep without a contact lens. The right thing to do always is to remove the contact lens as soon as possible before going to bed at night. Give the eyes the chance to breathe without lenses.

Uses of contact lens Malaysia are oriented well by their optician. They know that when they start to get uncomfortable they need to take them out even it is not yet bedded time. For those people who are suffering from the chronic eye can only wear contacts for a few hours a day.

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Is it safe to use Contact Lens Continuously?

Many are wondering if what does “extended wear” means. Extended wear means sleeping in contact lens and this can increase the risk of serious eye infections. Number one rule in using contact lenses is avoiding using it while sleeping. Although there are some toric lens Malaysia that are approved by the FDA and designed which can transmit more oxygen to the eyes even using in sleeping overnight. But it is not worth the risk. Complications are still high ion wearing contact lens while sleeping versus removing it every night.

Expensive eye lenses price does not also give a guarantee that a contact lens can be worn continuously. Cheap or expensive contact lenses has been approving to wear continuously every day for only 30 days. It is not good for the eyes to wear contact lenses longer than 30 days. Some experts are saying that if the user would want to sleep and still wear there contact lens it is still advised to take them off as often as possible or at least once per week. Also, don’t forget only contact lenses that are approved for extended wear are allowed to be used continuously.