Types of Corporate Gift Ideas in Malaysia

Corporate gifts are one of the best ways of promoting your business.  It is better to allow the recipient to come up with the most suitable corporate gift ideas and not the giver. The gifts that you give to your suppliers, customers, and partners tend to resemble each other.

Most people give their staff vouchers as gifts. You can also get ceramics, stationery, electronics, and computer devices at an affordable price. You should also consider premium corporate gifts preferences between men and women. Most women will prefer candy, food, video/audio equipment, plants/flowers, travel or money. On the other hand, men prefer audio/video equipment and tools, travel, and computer accessories and software. The least item for men is fragrance and for women are tools.

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The thoughts behind the gift count more than the gift itself. You don’t have to always go for expensive personalized corporate gifts. Even a cheap gift can stir the recipient as long as it is meaningful. You need to choose it carefully so that it can display your sensitive side. Too personal presents like jewellery, lingerie, and perfume are not good for corporate gifts but ideal for simply imply intimacy. The best corporate gifts should be impersonal. Here are some of the best examples of custom-made corporate gifts in Malaysia.

  • Corporate Books

These are among the most common items that companies in Malaysia give to their employees as gifts. Everyone needs a book for writing something at a certain point. Employees live these items even though they are not expensive. You can use books to write notes in religious gatherings, at home, school, office, and so on. You can get these items from a reputable corporate gifts supplier in Malaysia.

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  • Corporate Pens

Employees appreciate nice looking pens as gifts hence making them ideal items for corporate gifts. The nice bit is that anyone can use a pen at any time. These items are widely utilized in the corporate world making them great gifts for your employees. You can order the items from a premium gift supplier KL.

  • Corporate Umbrellas

So many companies in Malaysia give their employees umbrellas as gifts. People use them to shield against hot sunny weather and rain. Therefore, when you use them as customized branded gifts, they will serve the purpose quite well. The best umbrellas are easy to carry about and foldable. Umbrellas are among the best corporate giftings that you can get in the market.

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  • Corporate Sticky Pads

These are cheap but ideal corporate gifts for employees. It helps in keeping important information and dates so that you will not forget them.  It will help your employees not to forget important assignments or dates. You write the important appointments or dates on these items and then stick on the close wall or desk so that you can see it always.

  • Corporate Lanyards

Employees use corporate lanyards to hold their flash drives or ID cards. You can get them from a personalized gift company that has experience in making these items.


Even though it is not necessary to give your employees gifts, it is an important thing to do. It helps your company to take maximum advantage of its skills and knowledge to be able to grow. Corporate gifting will help you maximize the potential that is embedded in your employees.