Top 4 Simple Tips on How to Choose a Wedding Hall Shah Alam

Unlike the wedding of yesteryear, the wedding of today is not only held the event in the large event space or at traditional Chinese restaurants.

Your wedding venue is going to be of the biggest decision that you are going to make. From the small restaurant, hitched café or country club, there are a variety of options to choose from.

Having infinite wedding venues possibility also implies you will be spending more time on researching all the possible wedding venue just to pick the right one.

To help you speed up your search, this is the narrowed list of the 5 most important concerns that you should consider when choosing the wedding hall. Click here for more details about the concerns that you need to consider when choosing the right place for your wedding.

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1. Budget

Before you start to grow through the list of the wedding venues, agree with your fiancé on how much should both of you willing to set aside for your venue.

Once you have a budget in mind, then look only at venues that could meet your means. If you happen to fall in love with Holiday Inn Glenmarie, which is out of your range, don’t despair!

Enquire with the venue to check if their cost also includes other wedding essentials such as the free flow of beverages or decorations. Just go for it, if the stipulated cost is now within your budget for the venue, beverages as well as decorations.

2. Size

Knowing how many guests you will be inviting to your wedding is one of the ways for you to narrow down your options for the size of wedding venues.

Even though there is no need for you to come up with the finalised guest list on the spot, but you do need an estimate of the number of guests that you are planning to invite.

Your budget will provide a hint on how big your hotel Glenmarie should be and eliminating the venues that do not meet the criteria.

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3. Style

A quick way to zoom in on venues that will meet your requirements is to decide how you want your wedding to be styled. Moreover, you could look at the outdoor venue if you are gunning for a garden wedding or if you want a more private and enclosed area for your big day, try indoor venues like a hotel.

In the event that you shortlisted venue is unable to accommodate either of your budget or a large group of guests, think out of the box and be more open-minded.

The rustic garden weddings do not need to be outdoors; with appropriate decorations, it also can be recreated into indoors or at the restaurant’s alfresco area.

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4. Weather

Although Malaysia does not experience the four different seasons like most of the world, you still need to go through unpredictable weather at certain times of the year.

For example, the start and the end of the year tend to be humid as compared to the middle of the year. So, it would be best for you to hold an indoor wedding like in the Hotel Shah Alam, as you don’t wish to let the rain ruin your big day.

Nevertheless, it is crucial for you to have a wet weather plan that you could fall back on. In shorts, having a backup plan would be ideal just in case if you are having an outdoor wedding regardless of the time of the year.