The Best Places To Visit In Sabah

Occupying a small part of the Globe’s 3rd largest Island, Sabah is a treasure desert island with various coral reefs with marine biodiversity. This beautiful paradise was known as North Borneo way back in 1963 before it became a part of Malaysia Federation. Sabah is home to some of the best wonders on the Globe including the rare orangutan species which are found in the Kinabalu Park which should be a place to visit when you tour Sabah. So here is some of the information which can only be found in Avasee Asia Borneo Holidays Travel Packages Deal in Sabah.


These are the exclusive extinct species of the Asian great ape. Native to Malaysia and Indonesia, these apes are found in the rainforest of Sumatra and Borneo area. These apes were previously considered as only one species, but since 1996, the Orangutan has been split into two species, the Sumatran orangutan, and the Borneo Orangutan. These hairy Asian apes are reddish-brown in color, unlike their counterpart apes which are black or brown. These apes have a bulky large body with short, bowed legs, long strong arms and thick necks with no tail.

You haven’t enjoyed your visit in Sabah until you see these beautiful apes. If you want to see these beautiful apes in action make sure you visit the Sepilok Orang Utan Sanctuary an orphanage for orphaned apes. The best time to visit the sanctuary is from 10 am to 3 pm when they come down to feed on bananas and milk.

Kinabalu national park

Situated about 138km away from kinabalu & covering over 754 kilometers-squared, this park offers a great scenery of natural diversification for its visitors. In fact, some of the best ecological diversity of flora-and-sauna are located in this park. This park is the home to one of the largest mountains on the Globe, the Mount Kota Kinabalu, which is the highest point in the Malay-archipelago as well as the highest peak in the Crocker range. This mountain is the 20th most prominent hill on the Globe. So if you love nature walks and mountain climbing then this is a place you would not want to miss while on vacation. Mount Kota Kinabalu and its environs are the most crucial biological sites on the globe with between 5000-6000 different species of plants, 100 mammalian species, and over 326 unique bird species. Find out more at Travel Agency Kota Kinabalu & Tour Package for Local Tourism.

The lowest peak of the mountain can be climbed by an average healthy individual without the help of a mountaineer. This makes it the simplest to climb Mount Kota Kinabalu, in fact with an experienced mountaineer, it takes between 2-3 days to reach the peak of the mountain with no specialized hiking equipment. The pouring hot-spring is actually one of the most famous on the Globe which is developed into an open-air Japanese style-bath with sulfur water. This sulfur water is a perfect cure for numerous skin diseases.

While numerous individuals have heard of this beautiful paradise desert island, only a few have managed to visit Sabah and enjoy the terrain and also its beaches among other places. Therefore the next time you are planning your vacation, make sure you consider Borneo holidays and be ready to be mesmerized by this small heaven on earth.