How to Give Your Bedroom Brilliant Wall Finishes Malaysia

The fact that family members are the only ones using the bedroom does not imply that you pay less attention to its wall finishes. In fact, decorating the bedroom wall is even more important than the living room. You want to have a maximum relaxing experience while taking a rest so that you can wake up well rejuvenated for the next day. Therefore, no one in Malaysia wants to continue living in a house that only has white paintings on the wall, standardized photo frames that carry family and marriage photos, and regular bulbs.

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The wall decoration Malaysia trends are changing towards having ‘live bedroom walls’ that are able to speak for themselves. Each wall will have a personal identity that it will use to narrate its story. Most homeowners will want to use theme stylings that that perfectly blend with their lifestyle, personality, and fit in their budget to decorate their bedroom plaster walls.

The Malay market is flooded with so many ideas that you can use to decorate your bedroom walls. You may not be so good at interiors but the internet can give you excellent wall decoration ideas that you can use to mix and match your bedroom walls. It will help you to personalize your bedroom walls and add a touch of creativity so as to produce the desired beautiful walls for your bedroom.

All you need is a broad understanding of image and colour and your bedroom walls will get to the next level. Dark colours will give your bedroom a smaller appearance while light colours add space to the room. You can either do the decoration at the micro or macro levels.

Macro Level Wall Decoration

Using wallpapers to decorate your bedroom wall fits so well in the macro section. A big pattern and solid coloured wallpaper can go so well with a gutsy and bold personality. However, using a small pattern that has a subtle pastel work will increase the flavour of your house decoration if you are the friendly neighbourhood types. Floral wallpapers are good for decorating guest rooms as they have the ability to do magic to the ambience and give your guests an inviting, warm, and special feeling.

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Micro-Level Wall Decoration

The best wall designs practices expect you to match the wall colour with your phase of life and age group. For Instance, strings of light that go hand in hand with a DIT photo college suit bachelors or college goers. On the other hand, a classy and settled rich lifestyle flow well with a rustic wall décor and an antique. The feature wall design you choose should speak for you.

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You can also choose a geometric bohemian pattern or style for decorating your bedroom walls if you love modern decoration and styling. Creative folks can add a hand-made work touch to the decoration of their walls. You can also bring more life to the walls of your bedroom by using wall texture, plate art, gold polka dots, texture painting, glow paintings, graffiti, honeycomb wall art, painted glass vase, glass painting, concept artwork, Instagram Photos, personalized signature paintings that are hand-made, vintage letters, wall mounted paintings, wooden mosaic wall art, and quilted art just to name a few.

You can also increase the bliss of your bedroom by perfectly mixing dim and bright lights on the wall so that they can flow hand in hand with the transition of the mood. Hanging soft feathers in pastel colours help to distress and boost mental relaxation. You can also add the Kawaii painting art to your bedroom wall design ideas. Its advisable to use silver or gold glittering to make your bedroom look cosier and add a touch of royalty on it. Check out Vasari Malaysia to explore more on the wall decoration ideas you can practice for your home and rooms.