4 Steps How to Plan a Romantic Dinner at Home KL

Having a romantic dinner at home sometimes can be as much special as eating out.

Not to mention that it is definitely less expensive to have dinner at home instead of having dinner at event space or a luxurious restaurant.

If you are planning to have fine dining at home with your beloved one just like dining in the best fine dining Italian Restaurant in KL, all of you have to do is thoughtfully prepare a menu and set the mood before the dinner date begins.

Follow these steps to figure out how to have the best candlelight dinner with your special ones.

Step 1: Choose Your Drinks Carefully

If you are planning to have a romantic dinner at home like at dinning at the best rooftop bar in KL, then the first thing you will do is to inaugurate the start of your home-cooked meal.

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Typically, wine is the most romantic choice that suits this kind of occasion.

So, if you and your partner are wine drinkers, be prepared with a bottle of white or red wine.

But, the choice of wine is depending on what you are eating.

Red wines often go best with steak and other meats.

While white wines taste better on the summer evenings.

It also goes utterly well with lighter foods like shrimp or salads.

If you are having more on a casual meal, then beer would be excellent too.

Grab a beer, and forget about the ladies night In Kuala Lumpur!

Step 2: Choose Your Main Course

Besides, your main course should be something simple that does not require a lot of prep like the best Italian restaurant in KLCC. Check out Marini’s On 57 for more information about luxury fine dining Italian restaurant.

It should be something that only takes about 45 minutes or so to finish the meal.

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Here are some other things to keep in mind as you decide your main course.

Firstly, avoid foods that are too messy to have like lobster or French Onion Soup.

If you made a salad, ensure that the lettuce is chopped into a bite-sized.

You also are recommended to not cook with too much onion or garlic.

Otherwise, you may not be feeling so romantic after your meal.

Step 3: Choose Simple Appetizers

After you pour the drinks, it is time to call for some simple appetiser!

You don’t want to send an hour sipping your drunks and standing idly waiting for food.

Though preparing the food together is a part of the fun of having a romantic dinner at home.

But, it won’t be much fun and enjoyable if both of you are too hungry to feel romantic.

So, get some appetisers ready, you don’t need to have some fancy appetisers like at Sky Bar KLCC.

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You could have planned for very simple treats that are easy to assemble, will help you to get your meal off on the right foot.

Pick some finger foods that are fun and easy to eat while you are in the kitchen.

Step 4: Choose a Simple Dessert

If you have done an excellent job with the wine, appetisers and main course, then the chances are that you would not have much room in your stomach by dessert time.

Instead of preparing an extravagant dessert, pick up some cupcakes from your local bakery.

You also could put some ice cream in the freezer and serve it with the whipped cream and a few of raspberries and blueberries.

It would be much more romantic, having some simple dessert under the night sky while enjoying the Malaysia nightlife in KL.